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99.9% Uptime

NFOServers, which we currently use to host all of our servers, provides a 100% Uptime SLA Gaurantee. They use top tier bandwidth along with having their own datacenter(s). This provides for accurate network testing/stability along with quick restoration times if anything DOES go wrong.

Low Latency

Using INAP equipped servers provides our players with the lowest latency/ping possible to our servers. While the servers are based in Chicago, USA, you can still usually play all the way from UK, Russia and many other countries. We get players from UK, Russia and Germany all the time.

Zero Abuse

We will always make sure that, whatever game we are hosting we hold the highest standard for our staff team. Staff will not play on any of our servers where their powers could be abused/seen as abusive. They will only be on to take care of the server, absolutely nothing else, so no need to worry about staff having an advantage.

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